Contract Design & Manufacturing

How can Dishtronix help you?

We can take your design concept, provide all of the electronic engineering, and provide assembled circuit boards delivered to your factory dock just in time.

We can deliver your production ready boards before you can interview and hire the right engineers and develop the infrastructure and support facilities yourself. We usually can do it at far less cost also.

We can reduce your risk because you don’t have to make a large capitol investment in the infrastructure to support an electronic design and manufacturing group. We know from experience where project pitfalls and common technological mistakes are. We have already made them so you do not have too!

We are familiar with UL and IEC standards and can design your product for the global marketplace. We can arrange and coordinate the necessary tests and approvals.

We have developed specialized testing and design techniques to increase circuit immunity to radiated, suscepted and conducted electromagnetic interference.

We have developed specialized testing and design techniques to reduce the number of field failures that when checked at the factory on return, have “no apparent defect.”

We have developed specialized knowledge and design techniques to increase reliability and lifetime in the areas of:

  • Relays
  • Triacs
  • Electrolytic Capacitors

How can Dishtronix reduce your time to market?

We have a large and varied inventory of components on hand for prototyping our designs. The parts are already input in our CAD and Cost database.

We have heavily invested several man years of time in developing and debugging standard assembly language algorithms for Motorola and MicroChip microcontrollers. Cutting, pasting and splicing different code modules into the framework of our interrupt driven main program structure allows us to get quickly to market. We also offer C based RTOS programs.

A sample listing of our standard libraries include:

  • Multiplexed keypad and LED drive interface routines.
  • LCD / VFD module interface routines.
  • I2C interface to serial EEPROM routines.
  • SPI interface routines.
  • RS-232 and RS-485 interface routines.
  • Measurement and linearization algorithms for temperature (RTDs, thermocouple, PTC, semiconductor), voltage, current, resistance, frequency, A/D converter and PWM.
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) with power line or crystal derived timing accuracy.
  • Zero crossing relay and triac drive routines.
  • Proprietary techniques to reduce power dissipation and prolong critical component life.
  • 8/16/32 bit PID control algorithms.
  • 8/16/32 bit mathematic libraries (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

We have heavily invested several man years in the development of MathCad based engineering analysis worksheets for many circuit building blocks, most of which are parametrically categorized and Modeled in PSPICE. A sample of our hardware technology base includes:

  • Motor Controls (Variable Speed):
    • Stepper (full wave chopper or microstepping).
    • Switched Reluctance.
    • Brushless DC Permanent Magnet.
    • Commutated multi phase.
    • AC universal motors.
  • Temperature Controls.
  • Appliance Controls.
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies:
    • Magnetic Optimization.
    • Transformer Design.
    • Inductor design
    • Feedback Stability Analysis.
    • Ripple Current Based Capacitor Lifetime Predictor
  • On Line Referenced Power Supplies:
    • Capacitive Divider.
    • DMOS.
  • Triac Snubber Design / AC Switches.
  • Membrane Switch Keyboard:
    • Design.
    • Reliability Improvement.
    • Replacement.
  • RF Design:
    • Low Noise Oscillators
    • Phase Locked Loop
    • Direct Digital Synthesis
    • IF Strip Design
    • Amplifier DesignTransceiver Design

PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

  • DeHart MPC-29 Screen Printer with Vision.
  • 2 x Contact Model 3 pick and place machine with Vision.
  • Heller 988C 4 Zone Convection Reflow Oven with IR preheat.
  • Seho Compac 1025C dual wave Wave Soldering Machine.
  • Hollis Hollyclean conveyor PCB washer and dryer.
  • Ren Thang lead trimmer.
  • Optical PCB Comparator.
  • FKN Systek PCB depanelizer.
  • Asymtek Adhesive dispensor.
  • Megomat Automatic wire stripper.

Hybrid Thick Film Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Universal 1202 Thick Film Substrate Printer.
  • Lindberg Atmospheric Furnace with 4" belt.
  • Watkins Johnson N2 H2 Furnace with 4" belt.
  • Laurier Die Place.
  • K&S Deep Wire Bonders.
  • MPM / Comco Abrasive Resistor Trimmer.


  • Schematics: Cadence / Orcad Capture CIS.
  • Simulation: Cadence / Orcad PSPICE, MathCad.
  • Microprocessor IDE: Motorola MCU-EZ, MicroChip MPLAB
  • CAD: AutoCad 2000, Visio.
  • PC-SRD design and modeling software for switched reluctance motors.
  • PC programming with C++ and Visual Basic. Programmable instruments with LabView and HP-VEE.

Circuit Boards:

  • In house design with Cadence / Orcad Layout linked from netlist.
  • Single and double layer prototypes available in house or 24hr turn.
  • Single – double and mutilayer boards for prototype runs and small production available in 1 week.
  • Off shore production for large volume in one month

In Circuit Emulators for Motorola 68HC05, 68HC08, and MicroChip PIC series.

Other Equipment:

Miscellaneous analog and digital oscilloscopes, analyzers, network analyzers signal generators, multimeters, frequency counters, LCR meter, EEPROM gang programmer, UV EEPROM erasers, UV light box, etcher, power supplies, Variacs, isolation transformers, soldering rework stations, presses, shear, bending brake, punches, drill press, die grinders, welders, etc.